How to Start Workouts After A Break

I missed some workouts, now what?

A question I hear all the time is, “I missed a week of workouts, what should I do?” Maybe you’ve only been off your plan for a weekend or hey, it could be months. My advice is always the same.
Here are 3 tips to help when you want to get back on track.
How To Start A Workout Program After a Long Break:
Tip #1: Forgive yourself. Be proud of yourself for recognizing that you want to do better. Thank yourself for who you are and who you want to become. Then let your past choices go.
I’ll say it one more time: LET IT GO. You can’t change the past and feeling bad about it or mad at yourself sure won’t help. Self-loathing does not burn calories. Let yourself off the hook for your poor health choices and be grateful for a new chance to start again. You are beautiful. 
Tip #2: Make a plan. One of the reasons your past plan could’ve failed you is because it was too vague. While you have great intentions, saying “Starting Monday I’m going to eat healthy” is not enough. It’s not specific and allows for far too many holes. You can talk yourself into the pizza because you had a “healthy” lunch. Be clear on what “eating healthy” means.
A well-laid out weight loss goal is a plan saying exactly what we want ourselves to do. Know what you expect of yourself. You’ll find clear guidelines actually remove stress and pressure because you aren’t constantly tempted or wondering what you “should do”. There’s a freedom here.
You also have something to strive for and be proud of when you achieve your goal! For example, your goal can be: “Starting Monday I will complete a full week of FIT Guide workouts in the morning before work and eat according to my FIT checklist Monday – Friday. I will have my Sanity Meal on Saturday night when we go out for date night! :)”
This goal is specific. You know exactly what you will do, when you’ll do the FIT Guide workouts, and how you will eat! You can feel powerful on Saturday when you enjoy your Sanity Meal knowing that you stuck to your plan all week!
Tip #3: Start now! Recognize how far you’ve come and all the progress you’ve made. Don’t throw away all of your progress because of a bad week. Get yourself back on board! With this next meal, chose healthy. Make your plan right now. Join a program, right now. Stop waiting and do it.
The FIT Guide program will guide you through exactly what to do to get back on track. You’ll receive workouts you can do from anywhere and around your busy schedule. No excuses! 🙂
I give you a nutrition plan that is customizable and easy to follow. You enjoy carbs and sanity meals but in a healthy way, and see results fast!
Ladies lose at least 10 pounds when you join this program! In just 6 weeks you can be healthier, slimmer, more confident and LOVE how you feel in any outfit.
Join our community of women and get back on track.
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Defined Abs: Best Way to Get Defined Abs

Imagine yourself walking on the beach. You are in your new swim suit, and someone wants to take a picture. How great would it feel to stand there confidently loving your flat, strong and defined stomach?

Our abs are hard to sculpt but they are what we all want, right? So let’s take a dive into how we can define our midsection and the best ways to do it quickly.

Defined Abs

To build a strong core and see defined abs, we must eat a healthy diet and complete effective workouts consistently. Changing our thinking about food so that we eat according to our goals is most important. Food is fuel to nourish our bodies.

The types of exercises you complete are also important. Changing up your exercise routines often and selecting dynamic movements will sculpt your abs quickly to see a solid midsection.

Variety is important because our bodies adapt to workouts. We want to constantly keep our muscles working. Consistency of working out though is true too. Do the work and you will see your result.

The best workouts for defined abs include exercises that work every area of the core (upper,mid,lower and obliques). You also need a strong back to help with posture and support which is why many workouts will incorporate exercises such as a superman or push ups.

Weighted exercises work exceptionally well for defining your abs because it increases the work load.

Best Exercises for Defined Abs

To see best results in your core, I recommend a total body workout. Total body workouts use both your upper and lower body, causing your abs to contract and stabilize you. You also burn more calories and get the most value out of a short workout!

Additionally, for my clients I add an extra set of ab exercises “10 min Abs” to their workouts 3 times per week.

In this ab workout, it’s important you select exercises that challenge each area of the core as mentioned above.

Below are 5 of my favorite ab exercises to see definition quickly.

Please complete this workout 3 times per week with a healthy diet.

Ball Pass


Oblique V-Up



Open and Up




Weighted Russian Twists


Abs are like any muscle, it needs time under pressure (exercise) and time to rest and recover. I rarely recommend ab exercises more than 3 times a week because we become overworked and struggle to give our full effort if we do too much. I would rather you give full effort 3 times per week than half effort 5.

Best Foods for Defined Abs

You’ve heard the saying, “abs are made in the kitchen”, right?

A poor diet most often appears in our midsections first thereby claiming that if you eat healthy, you will lose weight in your belly. Simply eating healthy will create a flat stomach over time. True.

What does eating healthy look like?

1.Eating balanced meals and snacks every 2-3 hours

2. Eating a balance of protein, fats and carbs

3. Choosing the right carbs (whole grain or whole wheat, beans, starchy veggies)

4. Using seasonings instead of sauces

5. Avoid sugary drinks or added calories in your beverages

6. Make meals at home to avoid processed foods

For More Tips, Check Out My FREE Meal Planning Guide (

How do you know what to eat to define your abs?

Think of lean proteins:

Chicken, fish, greek yogurt, eggs, lean cuts of red meat

And Healthy Fats:

Avocados, Nuts, Seeds, Oils,

What are good carbs?

Starchy Vegetables (eggplant, squash, zucchini, sweet potato) Beans, Whole Grains

The most important factor is to eat enough protein and in correct portion sizes. Too much of anything will turn into fat on the body so maintaining healthy portions is key!

Can Everyone Get Defined Abs?

I hear this question often when clients have been struggling to get definition. They’ll say something like, “I cannot get defined abs” or “can anyone get defined abs?”

Answer: Yes, you can. Unless you have had major surgeries in your stomach or some rare medical condition preventing you, you can. It will take effort, but everyone can have a great stomach. Give it time and consistent effort!

Think of it like this. You must be willing to be uncomfortable to reach a goal you’ve never attained before. The workouts will be hard and you will have to give up eating in ways that you used to eat.

Here is the good news:

It doesn’t mean you have to be miserable! Healthy foods can taste good with proper seasoning, good recipes and changing options.  Instead of thinking,”I’m giving up” Think of what you GET to do. You can lift more, run further, see your ABS! You GET to eat healthy, you GET to enjoy this food.

Being nice to our bodies is a celebration of it. Eating poorly is not being nice to our bodies.

And at the end? You will have the definition in your abs that you’ve always wanted. You will be ready for summer and to be proud of what you’ve worked for!

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Emily Langlois