Meal Planning Template: Easy How-To Meal Plan Guide


Congratulations on taking this step to achieve healthier eating, weight loss and ultimate success on your goals!

Meal planning is incredibly important and normally as it provides you with the knowledge of what to eat throughout the week. You will be able to grocery shop, prepare and easily cook meals throughout the week without the added stress of decision! When we are hungry we chose the easy, quick and “best sounding” meals instead of the healthiest. Having a plan, removes the indecision and need to contemplate!
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Emily Langlois

Meal Planning
Meal planning is an essential way to stay healthy throughout the week
1. We know what groceries to shop for
2. Remove temptation to stop for fast food if you know what you’re having for dinner
3. Have healthy snacks ready on hand and ready to eat!

I guarantee you will notice an enormous difference in your wallet as well as the scale if you begin meal planning.

This process will take you about 20 mins. I recommend doing it every Sunday, but you will find what works best for you.

To begin, please use the template on the following page. I’ve also provided you will 6 additional weeks if you chose to complete the 6-week Love Your Body FIT Guide!

Start: I like to do this one meal at a time. Meaning, write down every breakfast you will have for the next week and once we complete all of the breakfasts, we will move down the line.

What will your breakfasts be THIS week?

Will you make a shake? Bake muffins? Oatmeal? Overnight Oatmeal? Eggs? Yogurt?
Write them in the box below each day.

Once you’ve done this, move down to your mid-afternoon snack. What will your snacks be this week? Yogurt with fruit and granola? Nuts? Fruit? Homemade protein bars?

What do you like and what is realistic for YOUR schedule?

Have your mid-afternoon snacks down? Let’s move to lunch.
Write down all your lunches for the week under each day.

Trainer Tip: If you don’t eat a snack at this time of day, then list your snacks where you normally eat them. As I mention in my FIT Guides, I encourage you to be eating every 2 3 hours meaning for most, this is an eating patter that works. If it doesn’t work for you, that’s okay! Do whatever does.

Trainer Tip: As you are creating this list, try to think of your days in terms of the balancing your Protein, Fats and Carbs. Are you adding 3 or 4 servings of protein (this will most likely equal your correct percentage). Are you getting enough fruits and veggies? Do you have your healthy fats in there?

It’s okay if this seems challenging at first!! It will become easier and quicker after the first couple times!
Complete the same process for your mid-afternoon snack and dinner.

I like to plan my dinners so that I’m not eating the same things every night, but I eat leftovers every OTHER night. For example, Monday I make Chicken. I make enough for leftovers, and put the remaining in the refrigerator. Tuesday, I will eat something else, let’s say shrimp. I put my leftover shrimp in the refrigerator. Wednesday, I eat Monday’s chicken. Thursday, I eat Tuesday’s Shrimp.

By rotating my meals every day, I don’t feel bored or deprived, but I also save money by eating leftovers!

Grocery Time!

With your Meal Planning sheet in hand, you will head to the grocery store getting everything you need! It’s easier to do this step if you were detailed in the planning phase. Write down EVERYTHING in your meal when planning so you are prepared at the store!
When you get home from the grocery store, I recommend cleaning and cutting up your vegetables. Having these cleaned and cut, will make it easier to grab as your afternoon snack. This will save you time during the week!

Trainer Tip: If you know you will be having dinner out one night, schedule your Sanity Meal! Scheduling your Sanity Meals are great to keep you in healthy flow for the rest of the day. These aren’t called Sanity Days 😊

More on Sanity Meals in the Love Your Body FIT Guide and FIT U FIT Guide

Meal Plan Template

Breakfast              Snack            Lunch           Snack              Dinner