Life Hacks to Lose Weight

We all know to lose weight we should eat healthy and exercise more. How about something new?
Here are 10 Life hacks to help you reach your goals.
1. Brush your teeth more often
-Have you ever found you don’t want to eat after just brushing your teeth? Right! After you eat dinner, brush your teeth to avoid dessert and evening snacks.
2. Write a list of your goals and tape it to the cupboard.
– If you have to see your goals before you reach for a snack, you’re more likely to choose wisely
3. Are you a mindless snacker like me? Write a list of other activies to do besides snacking a tape it somewhere visible.
-Like option 2, reading a list of other things you can do will deter you from reaching in to the snack cupboard when you are not hungry
4. When you are about to eat, call your best friend.
-When we get bored, we tend to go for the refrigerator. See if you are actually just bored by doing something else first.
5.Instead of sending an email, walk over to the person and talk to them.
– Every step counts!
6. Have your veggies prepared in little snack bags
– We are 10X more likely to grab a snack that is easy and prepared than one we have to “cook”. Don’t give yourself a reason to chose a packaged snack and prepare your healthy snacks ahead of time.
7. At a bar or party? Don’t sit!
– We tend to drink, on average, twice as fast if we are just sitting having a drink than walking, dancing, talking, etc. PLUS dancing or at least walking around burns calories too. Select to stand the next time you are out.
8. Mix Apple Cider Vinegar with your morning glass of water
-Yes, this age ol’ myth works. It speeds up your metabolism!
9. Piggy Backing from #9. Be Sure To Drink Your Water!!
– If our bodies become dehydrated, we often feel hungry. Our bodies do this because we are more likely to act on the hunger sensation than thirst. Stay hydrated, Please.
10. Watching TV? Stand on every commercial.
Do a small bit of exercise while watching TV. Not only will this help you be more active, but being active will deter your mind from wanting to snack.
Have a healthy Day!

How Often Should I Work My Abs?

When you see a “fit” person, we always look to their stomach first, right? The vast majority of my clients measure their success on their waistline, ab definition, flatness of their stomach or some version of this. So of course, if the area we want the best results in is our abs, how often should we do ab exercises to see results?

A false myth is thinking you need to work your core every day in order to see results. Do you work other areas every day? Imagine 5 leg days in a row. Who wants to do that?!

Like any other muscle, you must give it rest in order for it to grow and recover. The magic is in both completing effective core exercises with proper form but ALSO giving it enough time to rest so you prevent injury, can work hard the next day and give the muscle time to grow during the recovery phase.

I recommend to clients looking to shred their midsection to complete full ab workouts no more than 3 times per week. Make sure these workouts are effective, reaching every muscle of your core and trust me, you will be begging for the rest days in between! Quicker than you think, you will start to see results. I also recommend completing Total Body Conditioning workouts if you are looking to see definition in your abs. Total Body workouts require you to use your upper and lower body at the same time. Thus, activating your core for stabilization. You won’t realize your working your core until the end when it is thanking you!

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How Often Should I Eat?

There is a common misconception that the key to loosing weight is eating less. No! It is about fueling your body with the food that it needs and when it needs it! I will talk about what KINDS of foods you should be eating in another article but for the purpose of this dialog, I want to talk about how OFTEN you should eat.

We’ve all been at that place where we realize it’s been too long since we’ve eaten and we are STARVING. Visualize it. What happens? We tend to eat too much and not care what we eat. Anything in sight is up for grabs, the more carbs and sugar, the better. Our blood sugar has dropped too low for us to care; we have zero energy and just want food, right?

To prevent our blood sugar from dropping too low and to keep our metabolism going, we should be eating every 2-3 hours or approximately 5 times per day. This includes breakfast (never, ever skip breakfast), snack, lunch, snack and dinner.

Breakfast is what gets your body running in the morning. It provides the fuel that your body needs to start your day, improve your focus and start your metabolism.

By eating every few hours throughout the day, you avoid becoming overly hungry and are more likely to choose healthy, balanced foods.

You may choose to eat 5 small meals a day, or 3 meals and 2 snacks. How you divide your caloric intake throughout the day is about what works for you. You may also want to consider when you exercise to base your eating schedule appropriately around that time allowing for a pre and post-workout snack if needed.

The key is, don’t starve yourself! Eat every few hours to provide your body with the energy it needs to keep you functioning at your highest potential.